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About Platform GO

„The Platform GO integrates different modes of transport in a city, region or country. This gives passengers a complete range of public transport and shared mobility in one place.

Customize your Platform GO to your public transport needs and create your own brand. This will give your passengers a smart solution and make their everyday travel easier.

The city knows what it needs, the Platform GO knows how to achieve it.“


  • Integration of various sustainable transport systems.
  • A modern travel planning tool.
  • Real-time traffic information.
  • Interactive map with door-to-door navigation.
  • Simplify and speed up movement in the city.
  • Motivating passengers using more sustainable ways of traveling.
  • Easy to use solution.


Being SMART is to use our solution for the “green travel” preference


How it works ?


Platform GO

  • Integrates all modes of transport into a single application so that the final path of travel can be chosen from where it is most suitable for its destination.
  • Provides navigation, route planning and simple payment method for the selected mode of transportation. 
  • Provides a specific service for the delay of trains and trains, the online location of the vehicle on the map. 
  • Can be adapted by cities / regions / counties to their public transport options and to the sustainable mobility solutions they offer.

Who is the Platform GO intended for?

Tourism centers
Large employers, Industrial parks

Who can become a partner of the Platform GO?

  • Mobility operators – taxi services, public or private transport operators wishing to provide information and a service to clients, taxi services
  • Mobility device sellers - firms that use this data for guidance and information to their customers 
  • Urban areas with accumulation of additional people – additional stations / railway stations, shops, shops outside the building, etc., where people are looking for a way to transport themselves


The Platform GO is a pathway to sustainable transport

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